Your bank is at risk. And so are your clients.

Without a proper video surveillance system to detect and respond to criminal activity in real-time, banks and their customers can suffer considerable losses.

Autonomous AI video analytics Equipment

According to the ATM Industry Association, stolen or damaged ATMs cost the banking and financial services industries billions of dollars per year.

Autonomous AI video analytics Credibility

ATM crime has increased by 220% in the last couple of years, leaving a lasting impact in many banks’ reputations. 

Autonomous AI video analytics Trust

If your bank's facilities are unsafe, your customers are forced to look elsewhere. It's as simple and complex as that.

Reinvent your bank surveillance network

We created an autonomous AI-powered video analytics solution to help you protect your branches and ATM devices.

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  • For suspicious behavior and crime detection  
  • Instant alert to authorities and customers  
  • Detect fraud and violent crimes in real-time 
  • Suspect facial recognition 
  • Alert law enforcement and customers 
  • Robust, auditable activity log
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