Humans + Autonomous AI

The natural progression of humanity

Humanity has thrived on revolutions, from industrialization to digitalization. Now, we are taking the next logical step in humanity’s progress.  

Humans naturally create, own and judge; machines are designed to analyze, predict and connect. Autonomous AI opens a new possibility: humans collaborate with machines and delegate tasks to them, designed by humans for humans; machines detect, decide, and respond, excelling in their performance.


The future of human-machine collaboration starts here

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vehicle search and track autonomous AI video analytics solution vehicleDRX

DRX_Mesa de trabajo 1-1

Our vehicles search and track autonomous AI video analytics solution for law enforcement. Discover how it works and how it makes our cities safer.
autonomous AI video analytics tellerDRX

DRX_t_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia-2

An autonomous AI video analytics solution designed to help banks detect and respond in real-time to criminal events and scams at ATMs locations.

Why will video analytics define this decade?

Learn how video analytics solutions are revolutionizing critical industries, from facility and city security to real-time market analysis and suspect identification behavior.

Make a genuine impact on core tasks

Our AAI solutions provide tailored solutions to each industry, following the same parameters.

Effortless connection

Effortless connection

Detailed and insightful analysis

Detailed and insightful analysis

High-quality decision-making

High-quality decision-making

Seamless collaboration

Seamless collaboration

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