Multiple Small Screens

Make your video surveillance smart

Video surveillance networks in global organizations are often underused due to ineffective monitoring methods. Humans are simply not good enough at analyzing multiple video feeds simultaneously through tens of tiny VMS screens.

Autonomous AI: the colleague your industry needs

Algotive’s autonomous AI video analytics technology converts your video surveillance network into a team player. It analyzes and processes the information of your video feeds to quickly deliver on objectives in specialized industries.



Criminal behavior at ATMs has been surging over the last few years. Without proper training, many scams and suspicious behavior can go unnoticed by the human eye. We built an autonomous artificial intelligence solution to take this challenge head-on.

Autonomous_Artificial_Intelligence_Solutions_Law enforcement

Law enforcement

Video surveillance is key to law enforcement operations worldwide. We developed an autonomous artificial intelligence technology that aids police officers in finding and tracking vehicles of interest in the most efficient way possible.