Video monitoring in law enforcement has huge downsides

Law enforcement videosurveillance Abundance of useless data
Abundance of useless data

Video from surveillance networks is a difficult task for humans due to constant distracting elements and many simultaneous video feeds that need interpretation.

Law enforcement videosurveillance  Irrelevant insights
Little relevant data

Dozens of observable vehicles and objects on tiny screens, and the need to monitor from nine to twelve screens simultaneously, results in unnecessarily poor results.

Law enforcement videosurveillance  Insufficient detectable period
Slow response

The period to detect and respond to an on-going threat is inadequate due to avoidable inefficiencies.

A new approach to video surveillance for public security

Introducing the next generation of autonomous AI-powered video analytics for law enforcement.

DRX_Mesa de trabajo 1-1

  • For vehicle search and tracking
  • Smart search by features
  • Full-scale permanent monitoring
  • Visual and chronological analysis
  • Auditable activity log
  • Compatible with all IP cameras
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