Enfoque Noticias: "Algotive’s AAI transforms cameras into smart cameras"

Josefina Herrera interviews Algotive’s Founder and CEO and discusses the impact of AAI and human/machine relations.


Good news: the first autonomous artificial intelligence, or AAI, is now among us. The difference that autonomy brings to AI applications is huge: systems that can not only detect but decide and respond to situations as well, change everything everywhere.

Does this mean that humans are out? For sure, no. According to Algotive’s Founder, humans have a permanent control function over current systems, and that will not change with AAI. The human mind is utterly different from artificial intelligence. As opposed to AI, human judgment is universal and wide.

Where AAI will shine is in situations where humans treat these systems as colleagues, delegating functions that best fit the capabilities of powerful computer systems. An example can be found in video surveillance monitoring, where humans have poor results compared to AI. Algotive’s surveillance solutions can detect, decide, and respond – for example, by notifying particular people of an ongoing situation, monitoring its development, and even take additional actions such as activating other IoT devices and sensors.

Ultimately, the use of Algotive’s AAI transforms regular IP cameras into smart cameras with outstanding outcomes.

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