24 Horas: "Algotive’s AI is situation-recognition, much more than face-recognition"

Margarita Jasso interviews Algotive’s Founder and CEO and sheds light on the today and tomorrow of AAI.


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Algotive’s autonomous artificial intelligence has many use cases, including video surveillance to respond to fraudulent behavior around bank branch installations. For example, if the system determines that someone’s conduct is suspicious, the system will autonomously alert branch staff, or even law enforcement, in real-time. It will also continue to track the situation to the full extent of its resources.

That is the power of autonomous artificial intelligence.

Algotive’s AI goes far and beyond common face-recognition – it excels at recognizing specific situations. It “sees” whole bodies, their movement, expressions, even hand-gestures. That is autonomous artificial intelligence, and its potential is simply gigantic across all industries.

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