Enfoque Noticias: "The product Algotive is launching on the market is revolutionary."

Josefina Herrera interviews the CEO and founder of Algotive to learn more about the world's first autonomous AI platform, vehicleDRX.


On November 16, Algotive Mexico, a subsidiary of the American firm Algorithmic Objective Corp, launched vehicleDRX, the first global autonomous artificial intelligence application in the Mexican market. 

The use cases for autonomous AI—a technology patented a year ago by the company—are vast and highly transformative for many industries. In the case of vehicleDRX, it facilitates the work of state governments in the autonomous tracking of vehicles of interest. 

Today, when a vehicle of interest is reported to the authorities, officers manually search for and track the target, which is ineffective and reduces their ability to respond. Adding vehicleDRX to existing video surveillance networks makes this process much simpler. 

vehicleDRX only requests primary vehicle data, such as model, color, last seen or last known location, and searches relentlessly through live video and files until the target is located. The machine analyzes pixel by pixel and detects factors such as speed and direction so as not to lose track of the objective. 

Currently, this revolutionary technological advance is only available in Mexico. It aims to multiply the productivity of video surveillance networks in the country and their ability to generate value. 

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