MasPorMas: "vehicleDRX, a project that could become the platform for improving safety on the streets.”

In an interview with Eduardo Rosales, the founder and CEO of Algotive, Pablo Castillon talks about the positive impact of vehicleDRX on public safety in the country.



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After years of hard work, on November 16, Algotive launched the first autonomous AI application, vehicleDRX, to the Mexican market. This application focuses on aiding federal, state, and local government agencies to locate and track vehicles of interest. 

Some state governments’ first responses regarding this technology are very positive. The company is already undergoing evaluation processes in several states with a progressive vision, eager to incorporate the best technologies in its operations command centers. 

The way autonomous AI works is very different from traditional AI. Algotive's technology detects something, decides how to proceed in the best way and based, on it, fulfills a task. In addition, working with the application is very straightforward, and it can be done in three simple steps: connect, configure, and track a vehicle. 

Preliminary studies by the company indicate that vehicleDRX is ten times faster at locating a vehicle than human operator and up to fifty times more efficient at tracking across a network of video surveillance cameras. 

This revolutionary technological advance is a sample of everything artificial intelligence can do in Mexico and worldwide. vehicleDRX seeks to positively impact the lives of the citizens of our country with innovative technology, that does not exist anywhere else in the world. 

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