Pablo Castillon named CEO of Algotive

The Board of Directors names Founder as chief executive officer.



Pablo Castillon’s appointment as CEO is effective today.


NEW YORK, New York — The Board of Directors of Algotive today named Pablo Castillon, the company’s chief executive officer. Castillon, who is also Algotive’s Founder, is Algotive’s first CEO.

Before founding Algotive, Castillon was an executive at IBM for nine years with long-term assignments in the Americas, Europe, and Japan. Castillon started working on AI-related projects in 2008 and has remained actively involved in all aspects of AI design and implementation since.

A self-taught developer since age twelve, Castillon was an invited speaker to engineering events at age sixteen in topics such as software security. A serial entrepreneur, Algotive is Castillon’s fourth startup venture.

Castillon earned a Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics as a Member of Convocation, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Universidad Iberoamericana, graduating with Honors.


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