Telediario: “Algotive launched a product to identify a vehicle of interest and give it timely follow-up; it is an impressive platform.”

In an interview with Telediario, the founder and CEO of Algotive talks about vehicleDRX, the first autonomous AI platform for public safety.



On November 16, Algotive launched the first autonomous AI application in the world to the Mexican market, a technology patented by the company in 2020, to support law officers in state, federal, and local security agencies in matters of video surveillance. 

This system seeks to delegate tasks that machines perform better than humans, so the authorities can focus on other tasks with a more significant impact on society. 

Using this innovative technology is simple. Once the system integrates into the video surveillance network in question, it only needs to be informed of the essential characteristics of the vehicle of interest, such as model, color, last time seen, or last known location. Afterward, the platform searches and tracks the vehicle autonomously, that is, without further human intervention, until it finds it in real-time and continues to do so unless given another instruction. 

vehicleDRX is already being implemented in a state government in Mexico. The company is expected to release the results of this revolutionary technology in the second quarter of this year. 

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