24 Horas: "A profound paradigm shift on AI… becoming a collaborator, not a tool"

The Editorial Board of Mexico’s largest digital newspaper covers the announcement of Algotive’s technology.


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The software firm Algorithmic Objective Corporation (Algotive) today announced that Pablo Castillon, its CEO and founder, is the inventor of technology that autonomizes artificial intelligence (AI) systems for the first time worldwide.

Castillon, a Mexican inventor who has led technology organizations in Mexico, the United States, Canada, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Japan, is the creator of Algotive, a company that aims to improve the quality of life of all citizens through unique systems and methods that empower artificial intelligence through thousands of useful applications used by governments and private organizations.

The patent-pending invention includes various new, non-obvious and useful methods and systems that empower artificial intelligence by implementing machine learning algorithms on IoT devices, leading to a profound paradigm shift on what artificial intelligence is: becoming a collaborator instead of a tool

Of the 391,103 patents registered during 2019, only 434 were of Mexican origin.

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