Algotive files Patent of the World’s First Autonomous AI

Owned by Algotive, the patent will be the cornerstone for multiple product and service offerings to come.

The PPA’s systems and methods are the vision of Pablo Castillon, Algotive’s Founder and CEO.

SAN DIEGO, California — Algotive today announced that a preliminary patent application (‘PPA’) has been filed for the world’s first systems and methods of autonomous artificial intelligence applications. The utility patent applied reflects the work and vision of Algotive’s Founder and CEO, Pablo Castillon, with the support of Algotive’s Head of AI Technologies, Chiara Pulice, who is registered as co-inventor on the preliminary filing.

“This is an important day for everyone at Algotive,” said Pablo Castillon. “The road that we’ve taken the past twenty-one months has led us to a clear proposal that is completely new, transformational, and non-obvious. The methods and systems that our preliminary patent application describes are our guiding light to creating amazing outcomes for every industry, everywhere. It is the runway to releasing AI’s true potential, and the reason that we come together at Algotive and give our best, every day.”

Since its inception, Algotive has focused on creating the world’s first autonomous artificial intelligence, and its teams are working on several products and services that embody that vision.


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