Financiero Bloomberg: "Algotive’s AAI detects and follows suspicious vehicles"

Susana Saenz interviews Algotive’s Founder and CEO on the company’s use case families.


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Pablo Castillon and Algotive are creating technology that autonomizes AI for the first time worldwide, making it available to companies and government agencies in a wide array of use cases.

Years of work led its founder and his team to solutions that detect, decide, and respond. This unique and groundbreaking design innovation – AI that is not limited to detection – is a leap towards fulfilling Algotive’s mission of human-controlled autonomous AI, everywhere.

Algotive works in terms of use case families, applicable both for enterprise as well as governments. During the interview, the founder explained one such application, Algotive’s Vehicle Identification and Tracking Application (VITA) an AI solution that runs on Algotive’s hardware that can aid law enforcement in the detection and response to vehicles of interest, helping monitoring command centers to increase effectiveness, and even improve coordination with officers in the field.

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