Manero: Algotive’s invention is a "leap forward in the world’s tech revolution"

The renowned Mexican radio host interviews Algotive’s Founder and CEO on the origins and uses of the firm’s autonomous AI solutions.


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A longtime dream of Science Fiction writers, autonomous artificial intelligence has finally arrived.

An early self-taught programmer, Pablo Castillon, the Founder and CEO of the software firm Algotive, has been involved for the past twelve years in AI projects, first in Europe and then the United States. He has now filed a first preliminary patent application for unique autonomous artificial intelligence methods and systems (AAI).

The world will experience AAI everywhere, from robots to inconspicuous systems, such as video surveillance. For example, Algotive has developed applications using AAI that are being integrated by law enforcement agencies today.

Algotive’s AAI detects human behavior and responds to it – making a decision in the process. At that moment, artificial intelligence moves away from being an instrument and towards something that takes action by itself. These are systems that are available 24 x 7 and are never distracted.

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