Reforma: "A first, autonomous AI that detects anomalous situations real-time"

Ailyn Rios, from Reforma, writes about Algotive, Algotive’s founder, and its provisional patent filing to Mexican readers.


© 2020 Grupo Reforma

Algotive, founded and directed by Pablo Castillon, has developed autonomous artificial intelligence algorithms capable of reacting real-time to detected anomalous situations.

Supported by video analytics and Internet of Things (IoT), the algorithms created by Algotive are designed to take specific actions depending on the situation that arises, for example, activating the security protocols of a store in case of suspicious activity.

“Our Cloud-based communication protocols orchestrate activities between connected IoT devices… so the decision is made at the Cloud level,” said Castillon.

© 2020 Grupo Reforma. Source: Grupo Reforma (you can read the original note in Spanish, digital version, here). Excerpts translated to English from its original version.


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