Zea: "Concerns about AI set aside, the benefits of AAI are large and much needed"

The prominent Mexican TV network host interviews Algotive’s founder, to discuss his views on AI and its impact on humanity.


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Algotive’s autonomous AI is significantly different from ‘traditional’ AI applications in that the algorithms not only detect but also decide and act on the information derived from the detection. This is groundbreaking and potentially world-changing, across all industries and countries.

But is it dangerous? After all, firms such as Google and distinguished scientists such as Stephen Hawking have warned about AI, calling for government regulation as a way to mitigate potential existential threats.

During a national TV network interview, Pablo Castillon, Algotive’s Founder and CEO, expressed his point of view on the matter. According to Castillon, and not in disagreement with the potential benefits of regulating artificial intelligence, there is much noise in the debate that is based on a fundamental misunderstanding.

The term ‘artificial intelligence’ itself is misleading. Artificial intelligence is not even comparable to human intelligence, which is universal and flexible. Algorithms – which lie at the heart of artificial intelligence solutions – are basically mathematical formulas applied to massive amounts of data processed by powerful computer systems, within the confines of a very specific action domain. This can lead to remarkable results, and even the impression of ‘consciousness’ – but a far cry from what the human mind does for us all.

Still, Algotive’s patent-pending technology is remarkable and useful. The firm designs proprietary algorithms that run on their own IoT devices, which connect to an AI-enabled platform, Cloud-based or on-premise, also of Algotive’s creation.

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