Introducing Motorcycle Monitoring

The feature included in the latest version of vehicleDRX is unique in its design and ability to prevent a growing crime type.


Motorcycle Monitoring is a new feature released today in version 1.7.00 of vehicleDRX.


Algotive today introduced Motorcycle Monitoring, an exciting new feature that allows law enforcement agencies of all sizes to leverage their existing video surveillance network and deter criminals from using motorcycles by detecting suspicious activity in real-time, an impossible task for law enforcement agencies worldwide until today.

"We created the Motorcycle Monitoring feature to provide vehicleDRX users around the world with the ability to solve a massive problem that had no alternative solution," said Pablo Castillon, Algotive's founder and CEO. "This unique feature will save lives. Algotive recognizes the fantastic Product Team behind this achievement, which has worked around the clock for many months to get here."

vehicle_drx_2Motorcycle Monitoring's algorithms analyze thousands of variables that detect a wide range of behavior patterns, from unusual to evidently suspicious.


vehicleDRX enters a new era
First released on November 16, 2021, today's update greatly expands the product's value and capabilities far beyond its initial version. Algotive will be releasing a second version later this year.


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