La Jornada: "Artificial intelligence will track stolen vehicles."

Julio Gutierrez interviews the founder and CEO of Algotive about launching his new autonomous AI platform for law enforcement.


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Algotive launched a unique autonomous AI platform in the Mexican market, which locates vehicles of interest ten times faster than current public safety methods. 

The company's new software, vehicleDRX, helps officers track and follow any target based on basic information such as model, make, license plate number, or color and completes its task in minutes without further human intervention. 

vehicleDRX will be very useful for the country's authorities since 78% of video surveillance tasks are devoted to tracking stolen cars, and in the past decade alone, this crime increased by 128%. 

Algotive's technology is more than a tool: it will work as a vital component within law enforcement teams. Autonomous AI not only detects but also decides and executes actions until it achieves a goal with superhuman efficiency–50 times greater than the current one in law enforcement operations today. 

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