Mundo Ejecutivo: "Algotive's autonomous AI solution will change many things in the government and private sector."

In an interview with Benjamin Fontaine from Mundo Ejecutivo, the founder, and CEO of Algotive, Pablo Castillon, talks about the impact of autonomous AI in the government and private sector.



At the end of 2020, Algotive, a North American software firm with a subsidiary in Mexico, patented autonomous artificial intelligence, a series of unique algorithms that act on and interpret large amounts of data to accomplish specific tasks. This allows the technology to make and exercise decisions in interconnected systems to achieve pre-established objectives. 

Such is the case with the company's first autonomous AI application, vehicleDRX. This product allows state or local police command centers (C5) to monitor and supervise a vehicle's activity in a more agile and effective way and without significant investments in infrastructure. 

The system connects directly to the installed network and works with human operators. In other words, it does not seek to replace the human being but to be an ally to make work more efficient. This application processes information from the transmission and the video file to locate the vehicle of interest under any conditions. This allows the program to identify the target, even when human monitors cannot see it until it finds without losing its track in real-time unless otherwise instructed. 

Another technology the company is already working is to protect both collaborators and the facilities and clients of global institutions in the private sector. Specifically, the company is developing a solution for the financial industry, which can work in other sectors such as retail or industrial operations. The possibilities and scope of this new type of artificial intelligence are vast and will significantly impact society. 

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