Romo: "vehicleDRX will allow us to follow any vehicle of interest autonomously."

In an interview with the famous radio host, the founder and CEO of Algotive announced the launch of the first autonomous artificial intelligence application in México, vehicleDRX.


A year after filing the patent for the world's first autonomous AI, Algotive announced the launch of its first application to use such technology, vehicleDRX. 

Unique on a global level, this software allows searching and tracking of vehicles of interest in law enforcement video surveillance networks without further human intervention. This technological advance is a significant step forward in public safety and artificial intelligence, positioning the company as a pioneer in both industries. 

Compared to similar products on the market, this technology does not depend on license plate detection systems, whose implementation suffers from limitations such as using unique cameras and road infrastructure. In contrast, vehicleDRX autonomously locates and tracks any vehicle of interest through basic information such as model, color, make, last known location, or last seen, no matter how many hours have passed since the event. 

According to a study carried out by the company, this revolutionary product makes it possible to find any vehicle thirty times faster, with an efficiency fifty times greater than the current one.

Algotive is already working with various state governments to implement this technology. 

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