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Vehicle theft is a serious problem that's on the rise across the country1

To combat and respond to these threats, human surveillance officers stare for hours on end at multiple feeds displayed on a small screen, a process that hasn’t changed in over 80 years.

The result of this ineffective system?
A vehicle is stolen every
43.8 seconds2

What's the impact of vehicle theft on public safety? Unfortunately, car theft often leads to more serious crimes. In fact, 97% of car thieves also face felony charges related to violent crimes such as shootings, robberies, and homicides3.

[Change the game forever]

vehicleDRX’s AI automation enables you to monitor suspicious motorcycle activity automatically, perform forensic vehicle searches, facilitate communication between civilians and law enforcement via dedicated apps, and more.

This is accomplished through a best-fit data science server in your data center, which connects your video surveillance network to an automated AI software solution on a robust, cloud-based platform.

An automated AI monitors hundreds of video feeds, simultaneously.
It identifies and monitors areas with suspicious motorcycle driver behavior.
It detects vehicles of interest and follows an unlimited coverage area.
Compatible with any industry-standard VMS and IP camera.
Once detected, it follows the target vehicle across all video feeds.
Plug-and-play seamless integration.

The next-generation of video surveillance comes in four versions. All equally revolutionary.


Your AI partner to prevent and respond to crime.
Detects and responds everywhere, at all times.

vehicleDRX max

No crime is too complex for our Pro line.

vehicleDRX Pro

Cover a city, state, or region.
Your choice.

vehicleDRX STD

A deceptively small package.
Huge crime-stopping capabilities.

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