November 2021

MasPorMas: "vehicleDRX, a project that could become the platform for improving safety on the streets.”

In an interview with Eduardo Rosales, the founder and CEO of Algotive, Pablo Castillon talks about the positive impact of vehicleDRX on public safety in the country.

Enfoque Noticias: "The product Algotive is launching on the market is revolutionary."

Josefina Herrera interviews the CEO and founder of Algotive to learn more about the world's first autonomous AI platform, vehicleDRX.

La Jornada: "Artificial intelligence will track stolen vehicles."

Julio Gutierrez interviews the founder and CEO of Algotive about launching his new autonomous AI platform for law enforcement.

Romo: "vehicleDRX will allow us to follow any vehicle of interest autonomously."

In an interview with the famous radio host, the founder and CEO of Algotive announced the first autonomous artificial intelligence application launch in México, vehicleDRX.

Algotive launches the first autonomous AI platform in the world to the Mexican market

The company's new software, vehicleDRX, will assist in a crucial law enforcement task.

August 2021

Pablo Castillon: “In the industry, prejudiced AI models are a possibility that must be avoided.”

Reforma’s Aylin Rios discusses with our Founder and CEO about AI facial recognition models, ethics, and the risk of bias.