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February 2022

Formula Financiera: "The technology developed by Algotive is a nationwide video surveillance system that makes a difference."

In an interview with Formula Financiera, the founder and CEO of Algotive, Pablo Castillon, talks about the impact and benefits of his latest autonomous AI product for law enforcement.

Mundo Ejecutivo: "Algotive's autonomous AI solution will change many things in the government and private sector."

In an interview with Benjamin Fontaine, the founder, and CEO of Algotive, Pablo Castillon, talks about the impact of autonomous AI in the government and private sector.

January 2022

Telediario: “Algotive launched a product to identify a vehicle of interest and give it timely follow-up; it is an impressive platform.”

In an interview with Telediario, the founder and CEO of Algotive talks about vehicleDRX, the first autonomous AI platform for law enforcement.

November 2021

Romo: "vehicleDRX will allow us to follow any vehicle of interest autonomously."

In an interview with the famous radio host, the founder and CEO of Algotive announced the first autonomous artificial intelligence application launch in México, vehicleDRX.

November 2020

Algotive introduces VDRD I1

Algotive announced the US product launch of VDRD I1, a technology that transforms any regular IP video camera into a smart device. Read more.

October 2020

Enfoque Noticias: "Algotive’s AAI transforms cameras into smart cameras"

Josefina Rivera interviews Algotive’s Founder and CEO and discusses the impact of AAI and human/machine relations.

September 2020

Reforma: "A first, autonomous AI that detects anomalous situations real-time"

Ailyn Rios, from Reforma, writes about Algotive, Algotive’s founder, and its provisional patent filing to Mexican readers. Read more.