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October 2023

Algotive Relocates Headquarters to Austin's Silicon Hills

Algotive's new HQ in Austin, Texas: A tech innovation hub. Join us in Silicon Hills for boundless opportunities.

July 2023

Algotive joins the Twilio Segment Startup Program

Algotive joins the Twilio Segment Startup Program, an initiative that allows startups to measure, analyze, and evaluate their customer data to provide them with innovative products.

June 2023

Algotive joins the Startups Founders Hub of Microsoft

Algotive joins the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, an initiative for international companies developing the most innovative ideas and products in technology today.

Algotive joins the Google for Startups Cloud Program

Algotive joins the highest tier of the Google for Startups Cloud Program for being a technology company with innovative solutions and verified capital financing.

March 2023

Introducing Motorcycle Monitoring

Algotive introduced Motorcycle Monitoring, a new feature in version 1.7.00 of vehicleDRX, allowing law enforcement agencies to leverage their video surveillance.

November 2021

Algotive launches the first autonomous AI platform in the world to the Mexican market

The company's new software, vehicleDRX, will assist in a crucial law enforcement task.

November 2020

Algotive introduces VDRD I1

Algotive announced the US product launch of VDRD I1, a technology that transforms any regular IP video camera into a smart device. Read more.

September 2020

Algotive files Patent of the World’s First Autonomous AI

Owned by Algotive, the patent will be the cornerstone for multiple product and service offerings to come. Read more.

July 2020

Algotive begins its first Latin American Operations from Mexico City

The Mexican subsidiary is a gateway to a major geographic region and a hub for development talent. Read more.

February 2020

Algotive relocates its Headquarters to San Diego, California

Newsroom Headquarters San Diego.